Cameron Reny

Running to Represent Lincoln County and the towns of Windsor and Washington in the Maine Senate

Hard-working advocate for Maine

Cameron grew up in a working-class family in Bristol. Both of her parents worked a variety of jobs to pay the bills. Her mother cleaned houses, took care of the elderly, and eventually worked her way up to machinist in a factory after starting in a custodial position. Her father mainly did carpentry and painting, but would do whatever presented itself: fishing, masonry, and odd jobs. Money was tight, and Cameron learned how to work hard and get by.  

Cameron always knew she wanted to leave the world better than she found it. That’s what drew her to school counseling as a career. Through her experience as an educator, community advocate, union member, and leader of professional associations, Cameron has worked at local, school, district, and state-wide levels to solve problems, support equitable policies, and advocate for children and families. 

Now raising two young children of her own, Cameron feels stronger than ever that it is our responsibility to preserve a sustainable future for all Mainers to thrive

To gain even greater skills to serve you in Augusta, Cameron is a proud alumna of the EMERGE America candidate boot camp, preparing Democratic women for public office.

As your District 13 Senator, Cameron will…

Protect our Environment
Climate change affects our safety, quality of life, and economy. If we do not protect our environment now, we will irreparably damage our fisheries, agriculture, and tourism. We have a responsibility to preserve a bright future for our next generations.
. . .
In Augusta, I will support the bold and immediate action required to protect our environment. I will act on climate science, including continuing the work on the Pine Tree Amendment. I will work to preserve a future for our communities without taking away people’s livelihoods.

Grow our Local Economy
Everyone deserves a safe place to lay their head at night and fresh, nutritious food to feed their families. We must incentivize families to stay in Maine by providing opportunities for growth right here at home.
. . .
In Augusta, I will focus on improving the economic development in the district so you have access to better jobs that pay living wages, affordable housing, childcare, and utilities, and fresh, nutritious food. I will also work to restore our historic industries such as fishing, masonry, and other trades.

Prioritize Outcomes, Equity, & Sustainability
Legislation must protect and work for the betterment of all people and places in Maine. Diverse stakeholders need to work together to problem solve.
. . .
I will use my years of experience in education, communication, leadership, and advocacy to enact real change in Augusta. I will continue to lead stakeholders to solve problems and improve outcomes for everyone, while advocating for ethical, equitable, and sustainable policies.

Focus on Healthcare
Healthcare is a human right and medical debt should not devastate a person’s finances. All people should have the authority to make decisions about their own bodies and health.
. . .
In Augusta, I will focus on making healthcare and prescription drugs affordable and accessible for all Mainers, so that no one ever has to choose between seeking life-saving care and paying the bills.

Cameron’s Endorsements

Cameron is a pro-choice candidate endorsed by EMILY’s List

Reny has spent the past eight years serving as a school counselor and witnessing first-hand the importance of quality education. Her dedication to equity in education, environmental conservation, and economic development makes her the best candidate to represent Maine’s 13th Senate District.

Sarah Curmi, vice president of state and local campaigns at EMILY’s List

Cameron is focused on values, not politics. She knows what we need here in District 13, and she won’t be afraid to fight for it because her commitment is to our values as a community.

Chloe Maxmin, Current Senator for District 13. Read the full endorsement here.

Why Cameron’s Running

As an educator and lifelong resident of Lincoln County, Cameron understands the challenges of working people and families. As a certified school counselor, Cameron guides young people and their caregivers to develop the social, emotional, and communication skills they need to be successful, acts as a resource for parents who need assistance, and helps find sustainable solutions to problems by engaging stakeholders in every step of the process.

Reny is running to bring her leadership, advocacy, communication, and education skills to Augusta to fight for District 13 families and futures.

Cameron is running for the Maine Senate to bring regular Mainers back into focus, and preserve a bright future for our children.

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