About Cameron Reny

Cameron understands the challenges of working people and families.

Cameron Reny grew up in a working-class family in Bristol. Her parents worked a variety of jobs to pay the bills, and she learned early the value of hard work.

Now raising two young children here in Lincoln County, she feels stronger than ever that it is our responsibility to preserve a sustainable future for all Mainers to thrive.

Cameron always knew she wanted to leave the world better than she found it.

That’s what first drew here to school counseling as a career, and later to serve you in the Maine State Senate.

Through her experience as an educator, senator, community advocate, union member, and leader of professional associations, Cameron has worked at local, school, district, and state-wide levels to solve problems, support equitable policies, and advocate for children, families, and working people.


“There has already been positive movement to address issues important to our district, like housing, climate resiliency and affordable healthcare. I want to see that work continue. I am proud of the progress made by working together. I’ve made so many good connections and working relationships over the past year with colleagues and constituents from both sides of the aisle, and it helps to get things done. My goal is strong communities and a good, sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.” –Cameron Reny


As your incumbent Senate District 13 Senator, Cameron continues to work hard in Augusta to propose and support legislation impacting the issues she campaigns on.


All people should have access to the health care they need. Mainers should never have to choose between life-saving care and paying the bills.

Cameron’s bills to expedite the health insurance referral process for specialists and increase availability of local, healthy food in schools passed in her first session. She also introduced a bill to address high prescription medication costs through reference-based pricing.

Cameron currently serves as a member of the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee.


Cameron continues to advocate for legislation that supports the local economies in Senate District 13, including creative housing solutions that work for the district. She is focused on improving the economic development in SD13 so everyone has access to better jobs that pay living wages and affordable housing, childcare, and utilities.

Sen. Reny’s bills to expand workforce housing in rural Maine and examine hazardous occupations for minors passed in her first session. She also proposed legislation to create affordable housing through cooperative and employee-owned businesses.


Cameron supports bold action to preserve a future for our communities without taking away people’s livelihoods.

Sen. Reny’s bill to support elver fishing passed in her first session. She also proposed legislation to protect marine resources in Maine.

Cameron currently serves as Senate chairperson of the Marine Resources Committee and on the Maine Climate Council as a member of the Coastal and Marine Working Group.


Cameron prioritizes policies that will help all Mainers. She pays close attention to the ways that decisions impact constituents like you – including those living in rural parts of the district and relying on Maine’s working waterfront and heritage industries to survive. 

Cameron continues to meet regularly with constituents. She welcomes your feedback to best support the interests of Senate District 13 in Augusta and engages experts and stakeholders in policymaking to enact real change that helps everyone. 

2024 Endorsements


Cameron is the pro-union candidate endorsed by the Maine AFL-CIO

Sierra Club

Cameron is the pro-environmental candidate endorsed by Sierra Club


Cameron is the pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community candidate endorsed by the Maine Service Employees Association SEIU Local 1989

Sen. Reny is proud to have received perfect scorecards from the following organizations for her work in the 131st legislature:

Maine Conservation Voters
Planned Parenthood
Maine Education Association
Maine Recovery Advocacy Project

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